Lucas On Hold

HOW IT WORKS Once you've decided to take advantage of putting your best face in front of your best prospect, Lucas On Hold will swing into action.

EQUIPMENT First, we will analyze your phone system to determine your hardware requirements. As a distributor of the finest digital messaging equipment from Intellitouch, we will install the right gear for your needs.

CREATIVE Next, we will research your products and/or services, including an interview with you or your representative by a member of our production team. We will go to work on fashioning messages that best present your business to anyone who calls. Once you've approved the script, we will produce your messages complete with voice and music. Now, you are then ready to take advantage of your best possible promotional opportunities!

MAINTENANCE Once your announcements are up and running, we recommend regular updates and changing your messages for a fresh sound that will keep repeat callers attentive.

PRICING This is undoubtedly the most targeted and cost effective advertising you will ever do.

  • Customized Audio Production (6 talking points) $500.00
  • Intellitouch OHP6000 Digital Playback Interface System $250.00
A simple and economic way to share valuable information about your business with the best promotional opportunities you will ever have - a captive audience that called you! Billions of dollars are spent annually on advertising in an effort to entice people to call businesses. Take this opportunity to put your best face in front of your best prospect!